[Embedded-IRLP] New 16GB flash upgrades available - limited numbers

David Cameron - IRLP

Here is the video on the modification required to the power cable to use with the new Hyperdisk flash drives:

So far the 5 disks I have are spoken for. If there is more interest, I will order more drives.

David Cameron

On 30/06/2020 2:30 p.m., David Cameron - IRLP wrote:
I have new 16GB Industrial flash drives available for older style embedded nodes (based on the VIA ME/ML6000 or LN10000EG). I know a number of people were looking for them.

I have 4 available at this time. They will come configured like a NEW embedded node with all the same features. I will transfer over your old node number and callsign, etc. They will be tested on the identical motherboard here before being shipped.

There is one catch - due to the fact that the NEW connector uses reversed polarity compared to the OLD one, you will have to perform a simple swap of the wires in the connector. I will make a YouTube video to explain how this is done, and if you feel confident in the modification, you can save $10. Otherwise, please order the power cable from me.

16GB Flash Disk with Debian 10 and IRLP, reuse power connector - $130US (incl shipping)
16GB Flash Disk with Debian 10 and IRLP, NEW power connector - $140US (incl shipping)

If you are interested, please contact me directly at sales@... and I will set up the order forms and payment.


David Cameron