getting node 1642 back on - progress


Thanks Larry & Dave,

I've gotten past the software hurdle, it showed up as being online.
There is work left to do, I remember having problems with the link
radio, and i have the interface to modify and connect to the pi.

No doubt I wouldn't have gotten this far without help.


On Sun, 4 Jul 2021 13:34:25 -0600
"Ron VE8RT" <> wrote:


this is interesting, as I had been reading the instructions from the
website as I went along I made absolution certain that I did not type
in NEW. I did type in REINSTALL and was exited to to command line.

I'll be away from this for a couple of hours, then I'll try
REINSTALL again and report back.

Thanks to you and Dave for this additional help. I'll also need to
check and maybe change the router firewall settings.

Ron VE8RT node 1642

On Sun, 4 Jul 2021 08:15:03 -0700
"larry_n7fm" <> wrote:

Greetings Ron,

If you are transitioning Hardware from PC to a Pi.

My Advice would be to follow the directions at
<> but during the install process
when it asks if you want to do a NEW or REINSTALL choose REINSTALL if
you want to preserve your node number and other information from the
original Node.

Once that is completed follow the instructions at

If you have issues with either of those instructions contact Installs,
as at that point if you have followed those instructions you may need
their login access to correct things if something is wrong.

Larry - N7FM

On 7/3/21 10:35 PM, Ron VE8RT wrote:
Hi Larry,

I'm taking another try at getting node 1642 back on. I've followed
the instructions from the link you have below, but I have not selected
NEW as I'm transitioning from a PC to a Pi. I have back-up USB stick
from the PC and have re-booted with it in, other than a few lines
appearing after boot up about irlp I don't know what if anything was
read from the USB stick.

Are you still able to help me with this or should I send an e-mail to

Ron VE8RT node 1642

On Sun, 31 Jan 2021 23:46:30 -0800
"larry_n7fm" <> wrote:


Here is some more info.
I should have included this link with the first email.

Larry - N7FM

On 1/31/21 6:48 PM, Ron VE8RT wrote:
Its been months since my node, 1642, failed. I'd like to get it
going again, and I'm open to ideas. It will likely be less frustrating
and faster to consider new hardware and I'm open to ideas. Not a deal
breaker, but I would like to have it run on battery power for a while
if the power goes out. This afternoon I did some online research on
the PiIRLP, I expected more examples and documentation online than what
I found.

Construction, downloading and saving image files, etc., are all
doable here. I have RPi 3B to work with if that is the suggested
direction to go.

Where to start?


Ron VE8RT <>

Ron VE8RT <>