Ray Vaughan

Just an idea...

Have an IRC channel for each reflector. As nodes join the reflector, they have a bot join the channel too. Each time they send to the reflector, it says something like "Miami node, KD4BBM speaks" The idea would be that we could sit back and 'watch' the reflector. When we hear a voice, we can look at the channel to see where it comes from. We could also type comments. People out of reach of a node could follow along with the Real Audio feed.

The ultimate would be an APRS like display using Java, each time a node speaks, their place on a map is highlighted.

I'm not a programmer, but I think both of these are possible. I suspect the IRC bot solution might be simpler.

If anyone here is into IRC or mapping programs, this might be a project you could do to improve the network. I really like the APRS model where users became designers and programmers to support the central goal. Does this model have an application in IRLP? I see lots of room for support programs that would improve the overall network.

Ray J. Vaughan, MS, CBTE, CERT
KD4BBM PG-7-15266