Paul Tueller

I have been using IRLP for over 10 years. However, now I am out of the IRLP business. My older Micro Node is not working and just recently my NanoNode stopped working. It apparently transmits but does not receive. Question - what is the best way for me to get back in the IRLP world? I have tried to contact Mark Guibord but seems to be out of business and not available to give any help. I would very much like to get back to using IRLP. What radio can I buy to get started again and can I use the frequencies that I had for my Micro Node or my Nano Node? How do I find out about that? Is there anyone anywhere that could repair my Micro Node or Nano node? I have been using the Nano Node when traveling and the Micro Node at my home station. Any help would be appreciated

Paul T. Tueller
11605 Summertime Lane
Reno, Nevada 89508
Home phone - 775 972 9266
Cell phone 775 741 9266
Call sign -K7PTT

Paul T. Tueller