IRLPvCON - add user/s



Quick question - is it possible to add an additional user (or users) to the IRLPvCON list, and potentially log their access (via user name and output the details to a file - if not already doing so)

Reason: I am wishing to give some Net operators some control to control part of the node (Terminate connections, Issue DTMF, See Log, Disable/Enable etc) during their net?

I see it as a “safe” was for operators to have some control over the node, whilst preserving SSH.




Hi Dave
My notes on the subject of what you are trying do shows this is how you might do it:

In case any of you are interested in changing the behavior of the
username and password utility within IRLPvCON so that it appends to the
password file rather than overwriting it:

Edit the file /usr/lib/cgi-bin/irlpvcon/irlpvcon_pwd

Look for the line:
if (open (FILE, ">$pwdFile")){

Add a second >
if (open (FILE, ">>$pwdFile")){

Save the file.

Now when you enter a new username and password it appends to the
existing file.

Warning: it does not check for duplicate usernames. It will likely use
the first instance that it encounters.

I've just ran this change on a Wheezy RPI node and it works just fine.

hope this helps

Jim G
Node 8240 and many others.


Gday Jim,

Thanks for your reply.
I am guessing, once the user/pass combos have been entered/added, changing the chevron back to the original - should restore the behaviour of the script (and retain the additional users details?

Either that or simply find the referenced $file location and edit directly?

The last thing I wish for is ransom users adding themselves in and controlling as they please. I only wish to add 2-3 additional users to the list (net controllers).

Ill give it a go and advise the outcome.



This was found in the /usr/www/cgi-bin dir rather than /usr/lib/ on my node


Yes I suspect you can add the three additional users and then pull the modification back out (undo the change made) and things should be 'frozen in place.