IRLPVcon stability on Buster

Rick NK7I

An update:

I've made the move to Debian Buster and re-enabled IRLPVCON on my web pages (made the page visible).  The node operates perfectly now (a mini-ITX much like Dave C sold/sells).

I've let Vcon sit unused (by me) for almost a month now (half of that while I was on vacation).  Other than a couple unexplained lockups in the beginning requiring a hard reset (the node is under near constant attack by hackers, thousands of failed attempts per day), it has been stable.

I will now start using the scripts to see if there is a lock up, but at this point the results are promising.  I also use a couple different browsers (Safari/iOS and Firefox) so if there is any issue I can see if one or the other isn't behaving.

I'm still installing a tower, racing the weather now (termination dust in Jasper AB 10 days ago is the warning, a forecast for the S word this weekend here) to get the HF array up so my available time is thin; but I'm hopeful that Dave C has this under control now.  His efforts are appreciated.

North Idaho

Rick NK7I

This morning I used IRLPVCON to connect to a reflector; got occupied on the phone then a trip to town, a couple hours of time.  I heard no activity in that time, no scripts were running (but the node provides weather displays and forecasts web pages too).

When I checked it, the node was locked up hard enough that a constant press on the computer power button was required to restart the node.  Once it's responding properly to IRLPVCON and no longer connected.

I did see one error on the display that may be helpful about using the correct version of irlpvcon_put (image attached, not sure it'll pass through).  It's very close to being 'right.


Rick wa6nhc 7962


Gary Johnson

Dave Null - W5CSM


     I am running Rasbian with Bullseye 11.1 on a PiRLP node.  Same error found after loading IRLPvCON.  The link to my saga is below if you get bored.  Any Luck yet?

Greetings from the Heart of Texas
Dave Null - W5CSM