Scratchy sounding audio files


I am using speaktime to announce the time at the top of the hour via a cron job. For several months the audio has sounded scratchy and not very distinct. I'm not sure exactly when this started. I can run ./ speaktime from the console and it gives the same poor quality sound. Looking at the audio files, most of the .wav files were updated on 11/27/2019 while most of the .ul files were updated on 8/8/2006. My questions are 1) Why did the speaktime announcements become degraded and 2) What can I do to fix the problem? I'm running Debian 9 on a Raspberry Pi IRLP computer with EchoIRLP installed. This is connected to an SCOM 7330 and 2 Kenwood radios, TKR-750 and TKR-850.


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I should add that I downloaded a couple of the .wav files to a PC and played them using Windows Media Player. They sounded just as bad as when played with speaktime.


I contacted Dave Parks WB8ODF and downloaded his speaktime script from his web site. Works great! It has both American male and Australian female voices. I'll never know why the original speaktime script had scratchy sounding audio but it doesn't matter any more.