Some changes to the PiRLP4, plus new DC-DC power supply

David Cameron - IRLP

Just a few changes to the PiRLP4 to announce:

1) There is a new channel carved into the case to allow viewing of the power and activity lights from the outside. This is just at the bottom right of the DB9.

2) The label now includes all the AUX1/2/3 as well as the PTT, COS, and DTMF identified on the outside

3) New heat sinks are installed on the processor, ram, and usb/ethernet chip. They are not really needed, but just add a layer of additional cooling

4) Additional components have been removed from the USB sound card which makes the install cleaner and able to dissipate heat better.

I also have sourced and torture tested a DC-DC converter option for the PiRLP4. It is a 12-15V input, 5VDC output power supply. Currently I am manually adding the USB-C connector, and I can supply it with an older micro-USB instead - just inform me at the time of the order.

The new pictures of the PiRLP4 and power supply are on the order page:

David Cameron