Some restructuring



I've cleaned up the "files" section of the yahoo group. I've moved
my ID script file to the scripts section and I've created a Audio
file section.

I've placed a 10 sec long "Silence" file in that area. Use this file
with the wavplay command to listen to how clean you audio is through
the radio.

I'm working on some baseline files and procedures to be used with a
Communications test set to help setup the audio levels. I'll also
attempt to document the process using some linux tools.

If I'm successful, there might be a way to "baseline" each node to a
common audio level characteristic. This will help normalize the
audio levels from node to node.

Obviously, this is an ambition project, and I'll make no claim to
success or completion. I'm trying to setup my node now on a real
link frequency and in doing so, I'd like the best audio sound

More on that topic as I trudge along. Most important part.... Have
fun and enjoy. If you have good files or procedures for this
excercise, by all means share them /:)