Someone sent me a message.

Tim Moore

Good afternoon, 

Someone sent me a message regarding my node, concerning port forwarding. 

Could that person please email me directly, at callsign at iinet dot net dot au. 

Thanks and 73, 

Node 6493.

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On 1 Feb 2020, at 20:32, Tim Moore <vk4tim@...> wrote:


I’d recommend the HP T5720, they are reliable, quiet and have a low power consumption. 
I got mine off Ebay several years ago, and it’s never missed a beat. 

Mine is built into a 1RU rack mount case, and I’m running a compact flash drive with IDE interface in place of a HDD. I’ve built the IRLP board into the same rack mount enclosure. It runs around 1 Amp at 12V.

The only thing I’ll say is that they’re happier running on 12V, not 13.8V DC.

Installing the OS and IRLP software is the same as any other node install when you’re installing a new machine with an existing node number, pretty straightforward.

Happy to assist you if required.

73 Tim VK4TIM.
IRLP node 6493.

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On 1 Feb 2020, at 14:37, tomsdad97 <sharpst@...> wrote:

Hi All!
My trusty old PC running 6255 seems to be on it’s last legs so time to look for a replacement.
I like the idea of re-purposing a thin client but am overwhelmed by the model variations!
Any suggestions on known working models that I can use, I can get a HP T5325, is this a suitable candidate?
Steve VK2ARS Node 6255