VirMach OpenVPN service not working

John Azbill



For anyone Struggling with why there VirMach OpenVPN service not working!    VirMach has installed a new software upgrade to a new KVM visualization and that new change has basically broken all the OpenVPN services we had on VirMach!      


  We've built over 50 OpenVPN servers on 2 virtual services which include IPXcore and VirMach.  For now let's talk about VirMach Only.    Keep in mind that installing the OpenVPN  software on IPXcore and VirMach are two completely different scripts now, Craig K1BDX has created a script that will build a new OpenVPN server on the VirMach service running KVM software!


One note worth mentioning: If you have an 2$ a month IPXcore or a 1$ a month VirMach service, I would highly recommend you hang onto those services, we're finding that those cheap ones are getting harder and harder to come by, Just FYI


 Now back to VirMach

  We've heard of some success with getting into the newly upgraded VirMach KVM and editing the interfaces configuration and getting it working but, I just couldn't get it to work for some reason, so I recommend just rebuilding you service and its up and running.



Step 1)   (Rebuild your machine)   Go ahead and log into the VirMach home screen 

Step 2)   Click on the client area services 

Step 3)   Click on my services, when you’re looking at My Products and services, if you have multiple services, find the service you want to work on 

Step 4)   Click on the active button

Step 5)   that should open the main screen to the control panel that is the Manage Product

Step 6)   than over to the left you'll see a menu that shows Actions,   click on the management button to get into the KVM control panel software.

Step 7)   then go down to additional tools and click on the Re-Install OS button. 

Step 8)   That should open the screen for all the different OS's,  than click on   Linux Ubuntu 14.04 Server X86 64 Min Gen2 V1


Step 9) after you chosen the OS scroll all the way to the bottom and click the blue button the says Re-Install OS, that will start the OS loading


​When installing a new OS on the new KVM please pay close attention to the screen and copy all the user names and especially the password

They will send an email with your new password, but it's easier to just copy and paste the new password and information!

 From here you'll need to SSH in with WinSCP and Putty,

  Step 10) to grab the script you need to make OpenVPN run on the new KVM VirMach machine go this link

And take the copy of the OpenVPN_install_script_for_virmach_KVM  and put it to the lower root folder and give executable permissions.( just right click on the file and click on the executable boxes( boxes with the x)  change the octal to 755 and save it)    


Step  11)  Now with a Putty session open log into the VirMach  service and then as root type in /root/OpenVPN_install_script_for_virmach_KVM  and hit enter and it should start the install process and you'll notice that the script will turn on the TUN and just hit enter for defaults as it starts to build ( we've defaulted port 1194 and UDP and your IP address should show up),  (don't panic if you see dots and dashes scrolling across the screen, it's creating keys) Once it's all complete refresh your WinSCP screen in the root folder and the client.conf file should be ready.

If OpenVPN was running already on the client side just install your new client.conf file and reboot your node and it should connect, give it about 90 seconds!  We’re not sure why but, the handshake can take a minute to connect up!      


To install OpenVPN on Debian, type in as root:     apt-get update

                Than type in as root:  apt-get install openvpn

Once you’ve install OpenVPN on the client just drop the client.conf file into the openvpn folder and run the start up command by typing in as

                                  root:  /etc/init.d/openvpn start


  For those of you that have Slackware or Centos or Speak Freely the Yellow Box works great

 (it’s got OpenVPN feature built into it)  and the Client’s do work on those also!



We’re in the process of making better instructions so anyone can do this, but we’ll add and edit more information as we discovery better ways of explaining on how to do this!


 Thanks David K5NX